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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the coffee in Caffissimo Coffee Capsules come from?

We source coffee beans from all over the world to make Caffissimo Coffee Capsules. Origins include Brazil, Columbia, Kenya, Mexico, Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia.


Who roasts the coffee in Caffissimo Coffee Capules?

We do of course! We are a family-run business located in Perth, Western Australia who specialise in small-batch roasting to provide you with a unique and truly outstanding product.


Where are Caffissimo Coffee Capsules made?

We are a small batch roaster in Perth, Western Australia. Our coffee is roasted fresh daily and lovingly crafted into capsules for you to experience that great Caffissimo Coffee taste anytime you like.


How do I know which variety of Caffissimo Coffee Capsules to buy?

Each Caffissimo Coffee Capsule variety has been created to provide a unique coffee experience for today’s discerning coffee drinker. Each Caffissimo Coffee Capsule variety has its own blend description to guide you in finding the right one for you. We suggest you buy our 'mixed bag' to sample a selection of our finest blends to help you discover your favourite!


How do I know which strength of Caffissimo Coffee Capsules to buy?

Please refer to our coffee blend descriptions as each has been rated to provide you with an indication of its strength.


Do you sell decaffeinated Caffissimo Coffee Capsules?

Yes, you can purchase our Columbian origin decaffeinated coffee capsules online.


How do you decaffeinate your coffee?

Our decaffeinated coffee is achieved using the Swiss Water Process. This is a chemical-free procedure which provides the highest quality decaffeinated product for our customers. The Swiss Water Process is almost 100% free of caffeine, leaving only a minute amount of caffeine in each cup of coffee.


Does Caffissimo offer any other types of capsules for customers to purchase?

Yes we do! We offer our customers tea



Are Caffissimo Coffee Capsules compatible with Nespresso Coffee Machines?

Yes! Our coffee capsules are fully compatible with Nespresso Coffee Machines (please note that whilst our coffee capsules are compatible we have no affiliation to Nespresso).